“SIGN the SIGN after NINE”

There is a Downtown Run Group sign that we put out at all of our group runs.  It provides general information to passers by and is usually surrounded by an enthusiastic group of DRGers.

In 2013, we began using the DRG Sign for not only advertising, but also for recognition of our members who had attended at least 9 group runs during the SA Rock ‘n Roll training season.  After meeting the required number of times (“Nine”), a DRGer got to “Sign the Sign.”

This may not sound like a big deal, but, believe me, it quickly became a “BIG DEAL.”  It is fun to watch mature, high achieving, diligent, hard working adults pose (dramatic flair required) after signing and make sure that their friends know about it.  Signing the Sign after Nine has really become one of DRG’s favorite traditions.

Check out the fun and flair in the slideshow below –

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