Q.  What does it cost to join DRG?

In terms of money, it costs Nothing – Zero – Cero – Nada – Zilch – Half of Zero.  You get it by now. However, it has other costs 1. Lots of sweat, 2. Plenty of perseverance, 3. Inspiration that goes far beyond losing a few pounds or preparing to look good at your next school reunion (although these are very common by products of your participation).

Q.  What about the risk and liability of participating?

DRG is a “participate at your own risk” entity.  Your participation in Downtown Run Group is entirely voluntary and implies that you are aware of the hazards and accept the liability for any and all injuries to you.  We remind the group of hazardous conditions throughout the year.  You should get appropriate medical clearance before participating in any training program.    Your safety is your responsibility.  Take it seriously and pay attention.

Q.  How often does DRG meet for group runs?

Three times weekly – Saturday mornings, Tuesday evenings, and Thursday evenings

Q.  When and Where does DRG meet ?

Click to see times and places of DRG group runs 

Q.  I am nervous about showing up and not knowing what to do.  I imagine that everyone will  be a better runner than me or perhaps I  am a better runner than most.

Relax, most likely we will spot you quickly as a new member and one of us will introduce themselves to you. If not, before we get started, we always ask if there are any new members to our group.  Usually on your first few runs, we can find someone that will get you started on a route. Give us some time and we will be able to find a group that runs the distance and pace  that is comfortable for you. We have walkers, run/walkers, joggers all the way up to marathoners who have competed at the Boston and NYC marathons.  If you are already an experience runner, you will find yourself training with a group with the same goals and ambition as you that you can pass the miles away talking with each other.

Q.  I am the type that gives up easily, doesn’t think I can do it or  looks for excuses not to run. What can you do?

We understand and this is why most of our runners are a part of a group. We need the support.  What we ask of new members is to commit to coming for at least one run a week for at least 6 weeks.  If you can do that,  you will have set your behavior in motion. As you attend, you will see numerous runners with success stories  about how they had never been a runner, but by committing to showing up and trying, they have run their first half marathon.  As you show up your will build relationships with other runners, you will see that as they support you, they are also relying on you to show up and support them.  You will start to want to show up for runs on days that you would rather not because of your fellow runners.

 Q.  What if I can’t run as fast or  far as the other runners?

After a few times with DRG, you should be able to find a group that runs close to your pace and distance.  We have walkers, run/walkers, joggers, and runners.  DRG’s diversity is not just in age.  It also includes experience levels, speeds, expectations, and motivation for being there.  We want to have a place for all.

Q  What if I can’t make every Tuesday or Saturday runs?

Come when you can.  Running is only one of life’s important things.  We encourage you to keep your running in an appropriate balance with the other important things in your life, e.g., family, work, other recreation. We want to support runners when they are able to come. We encourage runners to come as often as they can, but with no penalties when you do not showing up.

Q.  What can DRG help with that I can’t do on my own?

 DRG provides support, sharing of information, run buddies, social networking, common goals and interest, someone to talk with on those long runs,  learning from experienced runners or, visa versa, being a mentor to new runners.  We try to have fun and be encouraging.  There are DRG shirts ordered twice a year, numerous runs to compete in with fellow DRGers, post-training runs snacks/Gatorade, and various social events during the year.

Q.  I have never run in an organized event such as the Rock and Roll Marathon series, I don’t know how to sign up or what to expect. Can you help?

 Many of our runners have run organized events that include fun runs, 5Ks, 10Ks, half and full marathons. Quite of few of our new runners are training for their 1st runs. Yes, we are able  to help individuals go through the process of signing up for the event of their choice. DRG has a vast range of experiences to help new runners pick an event that has the distance that right for them. Many of our new runners have gone on to enter into races throughout the United States and many have traveled together for support and camaraderie .

Q.  I don’t live near downtown.  Is DRG only for runners who live downtown?  

No, you do not have to live downtown to be part of DRG (Downtown Run Group).

Q.  Also why do you only meet downtown? 

Downtown is a great place to run!  It is centrally located, has a great variety of scenic routes, offers the option of both hill and flat courses, and, last but not least, is a great launching place for the Pearl Brewery Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings after the run.  Weekly routes may take you by so many of San Antonio’s interesting places – Riverwalk, Blue Star complex, Mission  Reach Trail , Alamo, King William, Brackenridge Park, Monte Vista, Olmos Park and Dam, Trinity and Incarnate Word Universities, and Alamo Heights.  Need I say more?  In past years, we have had DRGers from LaVernia, New Braunfels, Castroville, and other surrounding areas who choose to drive the distance because of the scenery, the camaraderie, and support of a group.  Think about it.  If you have driven all the way downtown, then you have pretty much commited to complete your run.

Q.  What about this “Team Prayer” that I hear you guys do?

Yes, we do engage in a team prayer before our group runs.  We have done this since DRG began in 2012.  This is a short time to say “thank you”, express appreciation for friends and opportunities, ask for safety, and state our desire to be considerate of those with whom we come in contact. DRG is not formally affiliated with any particular church.  Participation in the Team Prayer is voluntary.  It is meaningful to most of the participants.  We appreciate your participation in the Team Prayer or respect for those who do appreciate this time at DRG.
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