DRG Shirts


Downtown Run Group shirts have helped build the DRG brand to the point that we hear things like “Where can I get one of those cool shirts?” and “DRG?  Oh yeah, you all are the group with the shirts.”  Our shirts are a BIG DEAL for a variety of reasons.

They are great looking.  They are colorful.  The design just screams “San Antonio” with either the outline of the Alamo “Classic” design or the “Spurs” design that features the silhouette of the Hemisphere Tower of the Americas as the “T” in the word “Downtown”  and a spur as the “U” in the the word “Run”.  They continue to be worn proudly by DRGers around town, at events, and around the world.

We usually order them 2 times a year.  The first order is usually in early August.  The 2nd order is in mid September.

Check out the slide show and notice the shirts.

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