History and Growth since 2012

drg-charter-membersDowntown Run Group (DRG) was started in 2012 by a small group of friends who wanted to not only find a community that shared their love of running but also to be a part of a group that was supportive and encouraging. For over 6 years, this desire has been our focus and is  the reason we have grown from a beginning group of 10 people to over 160 members strong today.

DRG consists of runners with varying degrees of experience and ability. Many of us have participated in other running groups and feel that we have captured the best of all these experiences into a “one stop shop” for the San Antonio running community. We provide running support all year but our main focus is preparing for fall races, like our own San Antonio Rock-n- Roll half and full marathons. No distance is too short or too long – we want our team members to set goals and achieve them!

Since 2012,  we have grown not only in size, but also in accomplishments. We have watched fellow DRGers become engaged, get married, and have babies, set running goals, and achieve running goals.  We have received recognition from the local community and on social media. In 2016, DRG was named “Best Running Group in San Antonio” by San Antonio Magazine. One of our biggest “brags” is that as of June, 2019, we are nearing 2300  Facebook “Likes” and are being followed on Twitter and Instagram!

As we continue to grow we will not lose focus of our mission – provide those who love to run (and walk) the opportunity meet up, build mileage together and develop friendships. It’s simply the secret to our success!

…run inspired…with us!

DRG GROWTH 2012 – 2022

Check out the slide show pictures and see how DRG has grown since its beginning in July 2012.  COME BE PART OF IT!!!

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