DRG Babies and Family

DRG famil

Downtown Run Group loves to celebrate the arrival of new babies into the families of our members.  Our 1st DRG baby celebration took place in 2014.  In 2015, we had a banner baby year with 8 DRG babies making their debuts.  That included 2 sets of twins!  Since babies can’t wear a regular DRG shirt, we present a DRG onesie to the members of DRG who bring new ones into the world and to our group activities on a regular basis.

We also consider it to be one of life’s great moments when different generations of the same family participate together.  Thirty years ago, very few grandparents ran.  Slowly, that has changed.  At DRG, you are likely to see children,  parents, and even grandparents running (or being pushed in a stroller) together.

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