About Downtown Run Group

As of January 2022 –

Downtown Run Group or “DRG” as we call ourselves – consists of runners with varying degrees of experience, ability, ages, goals, and inspirations. Some describe DRG as “A diverse group of achievers who have gotten over themselves.” We want DRGers to set goals and achieve them as they “Run Inspired”!

We provide running support all year long. However, our main focus is preparing for fall races, like our own San Antonio Rock-n-Roll half and full marathons. We will provide a venue for you to meet friends you may not know (yet), and become part of a supportive and fun running/walking community as you build mileage together. No distance is too short or too long.

DRG is a FREE, voluntary, run at your own risk group. You are responsible for your own safety.

This year, 2022, will be our 11th season running together. Community and your diligent attendance will continue to be key factors in achieving our success together!

Join us for our kickoff to the SA Rock n Roll Running Season on July 16, 2022. We will gather at 7 am at the Pearl, then begin a 2.25 mile run towards the Arneson River Theater for our team photo with shutter click at 8 am. After pictures are taken, we will run 2.25 miles back to the pearl for post-run gatorade and snacks.

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